Henry McKenna Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled and Distilled by H. McKenna Distillery Bardstown, Kentucky

I was always a bit skeptical about having lower cost whiskey. I had a stigma with lower cost spirits, that they taste like nasty chemicals that overpower the senses, have no flavor, and leaves you with a bad hangover the next day. I figured I should try all price ranges since starting this blog. I am here to write about all the different types, not just the expensive ones. I was hoping this bottle would be good. It was $11.99 for a 750ml bottle. I had my skeptics about it. I have had $20 and $30 bottles that were not good and probably were better as a house hold cleaner than something you would drink.

Description – I of course drank it with a half tumbler glass. No water. No letting it air out. Just pour, give it a sniff, and drink.

Smell – This whiskey has of course an oaky smell tied into a sweet aroma of something I cannot figure out. There is a touch of alcohol that tingles my nose. Overall, it is a very pleasant smell. I did not pick up on much else. Quite easy on the nose, not to complex. Its just easy to take.

Taste – The first sip you can pick up on a small amount of alcohol that fades quickly. The flavor then rolls to a smooth oak with a subtle sweetness like the smell. I cannot pinpoint the what the sweet smell is. It could be the usual bourbon caramel and vanilla, but I just cannot separate what it is. Then the aftertaste is just as good. It has a lingering sweetness with it. There was not much of an alcohol burn. It was a pleasure to drink.

Color – It’s a golden yellow in the glass.

Overall – This bourbon surprised me. I really liked it. I never found myself saying this is bad nor did I feel like it was a $12 bottle of alcohol. More like a $40 to $50 bottle. I felt this was a smooth and easy to drink whiskey. I know it does not have the complexity that people are in search of but, it is a $12 bottle and not every time I drink I need to be in search of something. This is just a chill and easy going pour. This could be a whiskey that is brought out at a party or gathering to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family who are not whiskey lovers but want something good to drink. I feel that this would be a great bottle for the new whiskey drinker. It is a super easy and smooth drink while not being offensive. It gives the taste of bourbon but not the harshness of most. On the other hand, I do not think that this would be a good mixer. It would get overwhelmed easily by any of the mixers.

This is the fastest I drank a bottle down. In less than a month it was finished. That is unheard of for me. I drank this while snacking on chocolate or trail mix while playing videos games at night. That is my “relax” time for the evening. The snacks paired well with the pour. I was not worried if the food would play with the flavor the whiskey. Since it was a cheaper bottle I did not care if I could not pick up on the subtleties while having a drink. It was not my intention. I recommend this drink to anyone who does not need to be on a scavenger hunt for flavors and anyone who does not want to be slapped in the face by the alcohol. I will buy this again.

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