Why I created this blog

Hello everyone, my name is Trevin. I set out to create a blog to review whiskeys. I got tired of reading about whiskeys that people reviewed and over blemish the description of a whiskey. I got tired of not getting the same experience they were. So I am here to give everyone a straight forward and simple review of whiskeys that I get to try. Basically what I think of it from the smell, taste, color, and if its worth it in my opinion. I also will write about some other things I get to try. I just simply cannot understand the reviews that talk about the whiskey having 23 different flavors (like a certain popular beverage) and how they can pick apart every flavor from vanilla to smoked chocolate covered bananas. How the nose of the dram is wonderful and it dances around and so on. In my experience, none of this makes sense to me. No matter how hard I try I cannot pick up on a majority of the things they are describing. I believe that I am not the only one who feels this way. I don’t want to read a bunch of fluff on if it has an overpowering flavor of extra dark chocolate or if it smells like Thanksgiving day dinner. I want to give my perspective and no fluff. To me there are a few flavors that whiskey can obtain. There are only a few ways to add flavor to a whiskey naturally. I want to make it easy for people to read my review and say “Yes” I want to try that or “No” I’ll pass. I want to share my experiences with everyone.

Basically my reviews will be formatted like this. What I’m drinking and a bit about it. Then onto; can I smell anything? Can I taste anything? What does it look like? Did I enjoy it? Do I recommend it? Simple and nothing over the top. I drink my whiskey from a half tumbler glass. I have Glencairn and Copita nosing glasses and I prefer not to use those. I feel snooty when I do. You normally cannot drink from those when you are out at a bar or restaurant so I normally do not drink those while at home. I will also write about different bars and restaurants I visit. I do get to try some interesting and sought after whiskey through the people I know. I get to try some very unique cocktails and food. I am excited to share my experiences with everyone and I am excited to learn more about whiskey, other spirits, and their past and present.

Everyone welcome to my blog!


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